Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rambling On

So why have I been trying to develop a web site? I am a simple fellow so the answer has to be simple, if you go look here you will see a smart thing http://miniaturewargames.homestead.com/MagnaGraecia.html and I want to do likewise for each theater/campaign/operation, exact outcome still a bit vague. This must tie in to the Berthier campaign software too. I have an idea thanks to MS Powerpoint where I can pre-create each page of a site, save it as an image (say jpg or png) and then plonk that into a blank web page and upload only 2 files per page instead of say 20 - 30, per page. At 20 - 40 pages that makes a big difference vis a vis the total file count.

But that must wait a bit, time to do real gaming stuff. So I am preparing my courses for Basing 101, Terrain 101 and Rules 101. In Powerpoint, which will be uploaded in due course as images to Google (which sometimes sticks in my throat a bit due to monolithism hmm, tho' they are a fine bunch, and the wife refers to them as Gargle cos you can spit it out hmm..).

Don't ask, it's all rather vague, actually..hmm.

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  1. Sounds interesting, I am actually looking forward to developments.