Friday, July 8, 2011

Lost for Word(s)

So I obtained copies of Dreamweaver, Xara Webstyle, Xara Premium, Kompozer, NetObjects Fusion and NetBeans. And tried to develop a website. Unsuckingfessfully.
I have never in my life been so successfully stymied by so much obfuscation and ridiculous claptrap as trying to fathom this little lot out.

Know this, I started using MS Publisher to design web pages and it is brilliant, up to a point - my biggest moan is that Tables of Content don't include content - "it is a junior version of Word" - I read that somewhere on the web. You can see the clue in that quote, I am sure, well ahem I missed it completely, at first.

3 days of whacking my head against the html wall (and I have passed an html course with honours before) using those top premium products and all I can say is "WTF?".

Because last night it finally dawned (so to speak) on me and I tried Word. What a beauty and congrats to MS as I finally found something positive to say about them. It does just what I need, no, want..

The best of the bunch is Kompozer (and it's free!), but Word tops it for my purposes.

We forge ahead.