Sunday, June 5, 2011

Operations Planning

My mapping thought process is whirling about in my head which means the goals and outcomes are still undefined but I need to put some thoughts down to give direction.

The goal is to manage the logistics and resources flows without a paper overhead; as well as the progression from 1 battlefield to the next within the context of a campaign. At the same time, administration of the units is required to account for the ebb and flow of strengths and experience. And, I need a tool to decide the general sequence of model procurement for building my armies.

The scope defines 3 levels which implies 3 mapping levels but probably campaigns and operations could be compressed onto 1 map.
I have always favoured hexes in principle but begin to think a simple network diagram much like that used in the Barbarossa to Berlin boardgame would be more useful; my IT experience will become evident here.
I remain committed to the tabletop hex because to me the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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